Shipping pool for hard-to-find prepper kit

I’ve been receiving lots of requests for more hard-to-find items lately so plan to place another order for kit from the UK. The items I can source are listed in the attached document but please let me know if you have anything special you’d like me to find.

To request an item, please contact me using the contact form or via Facebook Personal Message. If you don’t know who I am, this post isn’t for you ;-)

Download latest pricing (27KB PDF) This current version contains approximate pricing.

See below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions based on enquiries from the previous shipping pool earlier this year.


  1. Who can join this shipping pool?

    This is a private Shipping Pool open to Prepare Manila and FilSur Facebook group members only.

  2. Why are the prices marked as ‘approximate’?

    Final prices to follow and will depend on exchange rate and source. This post is just to gather orders so that I can try to get the best deal.

  3. How can I pay you?

    I’ll provide remittance information when you place your order.

  4. When will the items arrive?

    Expected arrival time is around late-Feb 2013. It mostly depends on how quickly we can get the orders through to fill the box.

  5. Why are your prices higher than Amazon/Sulit/XYZ store?

    I’ll be ordering retail and in small numbers so can’t take advantage of wholesale pricing. The extra amount is to cover shipping from the UK to the Philippines as well as my time, risk and effort. In exchange, I offer the convenience of sourcing and delivering the goods.

  6. Do I need to make a downpayment?

    Yes, this time I will have to ask for a 50% downpayment on reservations. In the previous shipping pool, some people backed out last minute, which left me with some extra items. As before, this arrangement will be done on a trust basis; if you don’t trust me, don’t join :-)

  7. How can I receive the items when they arrive in the Philippines?

    We can arrange delivery via LBC or in person during a meetup. Based on orders from the previous shipping pool, delivery via LBC has been approx. Php150-Php280 depending on package size.

  8. Can I just pick up my items from your store?

    I don’t have a store as selling these items isn’t my business. This is a shipping pool between private individuals on the Prepare Manila group to order items that are difficult to find in the Philippines.

  9. I’d like an item that’s not on your list. Can you order it for me?

    It depends on the item. Obviously I will not order anything that is illegal in the UK or the Philippines. To avoid the risk of smuggling contraband items, I will order only from legitimate online retailers of my choice. In short, if you cannot legally order the item yourself through legitimate means, I won’t either.

  10. Do you limit yourself to medical items? Can you provide examples of items previously accepted as orders?

    The current list contains medical items because they were most popular last time. Examples of other items include:

    • Emergency tire sealant
    • ResQMe Keychain window-breaker/seatbelt cutter
    • NiteIze PockIts pouch (good for EDC)
    • Solar Gorilla/Power Gorilla power charger