Marketplace rules

Transactions made on the Marketplace are between the advertiser and interested party.

Here are our rules for people who post adverts or wish to transact as a result of an advert on this site.

  1. Don’t advertise anything illegal or violate any laws.
  2. Don’t post anything false or misleading.
  3. No spamming. (For our purposes, we’ll define this as multiple posting of the same content or posting of irrelevant content.) Any spam posts will be deleted.
  4. We do not edit the content of any submissions so if there’s anything posted that you don’t like, contact the poster directly.
  5. We won’t get involved in any disputes that arise as a result of any posts on this site.

If a post violates our rules, please let us know.

Remember: We’re not involved in any way in the transactions between users. Use your common sense because Prepare Manila and its administrators won’t accept liability if anything goes wrong.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Site Usage Rules.