5 basic steps to start on the road to preparedness

The Survival Mom blog offers five baby steps for newbies on how to start on their preparedness journey:

  1. Plan for a Short-Term Emergency
  2. Prepare Your Vehicle
  3. Get Smart About Potential Disasters
  4. Get Home, No Matter What
  5. Develop a Mindset

You can read the rest of the article here where you can find links to more detailed postings.

For many people new to preparedness, the task may seem daunting as there’s so much to learn and do. Just the expense alone can make people give up as they feel they don’t have the budget to be ‘fully prepared’. My advice is to relax, start simply and build up your preparations over time. The world is unlikely to collapse around you tomorrow but every little thing you do today can only make you better off than you were yesterday.

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